Assessment Period

Monday 19th – Wednesday 21st 25 solo performances took place. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to attend them all as many sold out quite quickly due to capped seating. Over the three days i have seen a ray of talent; each solo performance was different and explored different issues. With reference to the ones i have watched i have seen many influences; i found That Jade Beastall was influenced by solo artist Amy Taubin. Jade used live feed and projection in her performance; letting the audience view her in different ways. Jake Robinson was influenced by the monologuist Spalding grey; sharing stories of part of his youth in South Africa. Jake presented different characters all influenced from his past.

Bonney states that solo performance consists of the performer, “presenting their personal observations, convictions and fears, share an intimacy with their audience, built purely from their live presence and their words” (Bonney 2000, p. xxi). I feel throughout the performances i have seen, many have achieved this and those who didn’t shared their past. For example, Charlotte Restall’s performance was child like. However, her performance did share an intimacy with the audience, it brought me back to my childhood years of imagination and pretend. Charlotte’s performance would definitely do with as a children’s performance, as it was multi-sensory which would be perfect for all children, especially children with learning difficulties.. I was truly inspired by the performances seen throughout the three days of assessments. The Solo performance module has been hard; and i am extremely proud of what our year has achieved throughout this semester.


Work Cited:

Bonney, Jo (ed.) (2000) Extreme Exposure: an anthology of solo performance texts from the twentieth century. New York: Theatre Communications Group.

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