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The Performance.

  This module was a hard module for me as throughout I struggled to come up with an idea I was passionate about. I had loads of ideas which ranged from body obsessions to loss to the subject of intimacy and getting close to people; especially the opposite sex. Once I had decided on the […]

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Assessment Period

Monday 19th – Wednesday 21st 25 solo performances took place. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to attend them all as many sold out quite quickly due to capped seating. Over the three days i have seen a ray of talent; each solo performance was different and explored different issues. With reference to the ones i have […]

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The Day my performance is based on

  Who knew, a regular day at the park would change my insight on life , forever.   This is a picture of myself my sister and my brother, William and Emily. Credit: Naomi Linstead Date: Autumn 2012

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First Draft of Monologue

I’ve highlighted parts of my monologue in different colours to highlight when i am going to portray a different character. Purple: Is myself in my second year at universty Green: William or Emily Red: Myself when i was a little girl Black: Present self.

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