Adrian Howells

Adrian Howells has been one of many influences throughout the process of developing my latest piece. Howells’ performances explored the notion of intimacy “I know how nourishing physical contact can be. I’m creating work about it because I don’t get it in my own life” (LGBTICONS, 2014 online). Throughout Howells performances he created a personal relationship with the audience members, so they then felt comfortable to  be themselves for the performance. Howell’s confessional pieces then went on and influenced my decision about composing a piece which related to intimacy.

Adrian Howells

Adrian Howells in ‘Foot-washing for the sole’ (2008)

Howells created an alter-ego named Adrienne, performances which included where confessional also, breaking the conventional theatre space, ‘Adrienne’ set the performances in domestic settings, for example Dirty Laundry (2004)was set in a working laundrette and Salon Adrienne (2005)was set in a working salon. Although, having an alter-ego was successful, being yourself in a performance is brave. May I Have The Pleasure…? (2011), premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe festival; this intimate performance was set as a wedding reception, where Adrian was just being himself. He explored the happiness and loneliness of weddings. throughout the piece there are images of snippets of wedding he has been to. The performance is filled with audience participation and laughter, however, “his humour is immersed in his insecurity, his need to connect to other human beings, and fear of what the future holds for him as a single homosexual man” (Stentiford, 2011). I admire Howells for exploring the intimate side towards love and loneliness.

People could consider Howells performances to be self indulgent, but when your doing a solo performance isn’t it going to be self indulgent anyway? Solo performances develop from something you are passionate about, Howell’s was passionate about exploring the personal relationship and intimacy with the audience and i feel he executed it well. I was scared about showing something so intimate and personal in my life, but Howells has given me the confidence to present my performance and show the audience why i have intimacy issues and the betrayal that led me to the position i am in today





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