Obsession and Intrusion: Body Image

Following the last blog post about obsession’s and intrusions, i feel like body image and weight is amongst this category. I struggle everyday with weight, healthy eating (the lack of), and excising. It takes over my life someday’s and as a result of it causes me to get deep into depression, which causes me to eat more and then feel guilty. A never ending circle that takes over my life. I feel this topic is personal to myself and also is a struggle for many people throughout the country and the world.

There has been days where i have been obsessed with calories, excising and eating barely nothing. Even though i know myself it does nothing to me and is probably even worse for me than eating and excising normally.  As a result of this i had a performance idea about my struggle with weight and the obsession i have over it.

My performance idea was to take a picture of my body every single day till the performance which would form a video at the end of the process. With the video projected onto the wall i would have exercise music in the background, with me doing the obsessive exercise i would do when i had down days.

I was struggling to develop this idea as it had no performance element in it and it wasn’t a real honest performance which would be expected with a topic so personal. Now i am back to square one finding a performance idea for the final assessment.

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