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Colour Psychology.

Colours can be interpreted in different ways from mood to actions. I want to use the psychology of colours in my solo performance to illustrate my feelings towards that person. However, i may not use the colours for the mood they portray and use them in a way they make me feel. For example, Green […]

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Performance Idea.

Performance Idea After having weeks of trouble with coming up with an idea for solo performance i have finally settled on a idea that i am excited about. Some may say its a bit personal but everyone can relate or take something from the idea i have. It all started when i was having trouble […]

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The Relationship between the Audience and Performer.

  The auditorium as a performance space seperates the connection and relationship with the audience as the performance space is bigger and the distance between the performer and audience is greater. However, solo Performances are more intimate as they are usually performed in a smaller space and the distance between the audience and performer decreases. Amy Taubin, […]

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Obsession and Intrusion: Body Image

Following the last blog post about obsession’s and intrusions, i feel like body image and weight is amongst this category. I struggle everyday with weight, healthy eating (the lack of), and excising. It takes over my life someday’s and as a result of it causes me to get deep into depression, which causes me to […]

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Obsession and Intrusion: Question and Answer

Every person has an obsession, everybody in some way of another wants to know things about people,  strangers, friends or family. I wanted to create a five minute solo performance on this.The idea of speed dating and the little time you have to get to know someone to decide whether you like someone or not […]